Lead generation… What is it? For any business to thrive, it needs a lead generation strategy that is effective and brings quality leads. Before I proceed further, let me address the question of “what is lead generation”? Lead generation is the strategy of finding potential consumers to make an inquiry about a product or service. In a traditional set up of trade shows, leads would be realized through the number of people who would leave their contact details for the sales team to give them a call. The internet has revolutionized leads generation since the majority of leads are now generated online.

In simple language, a lead is a person who has expressed interest in the product or service you offer. Every business would want as many leads as possible so that out of the leads, they convert some to sales. Without leads, a business will not sell even a single product or offer a service. This takes me to the critical question, “how does a business generate leads”?

There are several ways to generate leads for your business. Some of these methods include;

  1. Directly engage with potential customers – You reach out to individuals who could be interested in your product and service and you sell the idea to them.
  2. Deploy outbound & inbound marketing – working out email campaigns that will appeal to people to buy your product or service.
  3. Invest in new technology – Investing in technology can lead to attracting more clients. The types of equipment, infrastructure, and systems will be the cause of attraction to people.
  4. Find leads on Twitter – Billions of people are found on twitter and on daily basis, millions of twitters users go online and tweets. You can devise a strategy of reaching out to this population.
  5. Develop & Optimize Your content – The content of your website can be a selling point. The content should be one which prompts visitors to want to take action.
  6. Make your Tweets trend – come up with twitter strategy that will ensure your tweets trending, getting more retweets, like and comments. You can use images as well as videos.
  7. Benefit from your databases – Contact list of past consumers can be a direct source of lead. You should devise a way of keeping in touch with this list and updating them on what is on offer.

Some of the other strategies you can use are to market through LinkedIn, automate your marketing through auto-responders, guest blogging on other blogs, use of signatory with marketing message as well as participating in forums and well as a question and answer sites such as Quora.

Can you honestly do all these things alone? Lead generation services seek to offer these services at a small price. Instead of trying to do all these things and many others which I have not mentioned at the same time trying to offer the actual services, reach out to a lead generation service provider. You will pay some little money but you will reach out to a bigger market and the chance of making sales will be much higher thanks to lead generation services.


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