Today’s website is increasingly being characterized by an explainer video, talking about a product or service being offered. Why is this so? This brings the picture of some gains in having an explainer video on your website. Let’s look at the benefits of having explainer videos on your website.

Increase Conversion Rates

There is evidence that the use of explainer video increases the level of conversion of a website. According to the Video Rascal, more than 85% of all who purchase products online do so after the watching explainer video. The explainer video also gives you the idea of those who watched the video and that can be related to the number of sales.

Simplify the purpose of Your Product

Explainer video removes any misinterpretation that can accompany the text. With the explainer video, you get the better picture of the product or service being offered. Explainer video also helps to connect to visitors emotions.

Generate Increased Interest

Many businesses continue to use videos to reach out to internet users. The research by The C100 revealed that over 70% of online users spare some time to watch video online. The number of people who watch video online is increasing as more people embrace the use of videos. So when you use video, you will gain the interest of all more users.

Better Ranking in Google Search

Videos rank better on search engine ranking like on Google search. According to Spork Marketing, websites that use explainer videos rank higher on Google searches.

Increase Web Traffic

Have you seen how videos can go viral online? One video can attract millions of viewers free. It depends on how the video is done. Video generally boost traffic to websites. People share video easily than text. Again video rank faster on Google search rank.

Brand culture and personality

Videos tend to communicate a brand’s culture than text. When you use videos, you will stand a chance of communicating the business brand more than a use of text.

Easily Shareable

Videos are easily shareable across social media platforms like Facebook, Google plus, Linkedin as well as twitter. Once a video is published on YouTube or Vimeo, you can easily share it. In fact, you can even share the video to multiple whatsup walls. This will result in increased viewership, brand awareness, and more conversion.

Explainer videos bring more benefits to your website than your may have known. It’s important though that you plan well if you want to develop explainer video. You will condense a lot of information into a video lasting a few seconds.


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