Many businesses run adverts on traditional media like TV as well as modern advertising channels like the internet continuously. Some may not understand why even established brands like Nike, Google, Facebook or Coca Cola would embrace continuous advertisement. In fact, some may think that these companies are so successful that they don’t need to advertise daily. Is that true?

Business branding is the key driver behind many activities we see institutions and business do. Whether it’s advertisement or corporate social responsibilities like sponsored health clinic or medical camp, the underlining objective is branding. It’s so important to established businesses and they go an extra mile to protect their brand. This brings me to this question, what is branding?

According to Business Dictionary, branding refers to creating a unique name and picture of a business, product, service or both in the mind of a consumer mainly through consistent advertising campaigns. Its main goal is to establish a unique and differentiated presence in the market place that draws and keeps loyal clientele. This explanation of branding means that there are key things that branding should achieve for a business. As a business owner, you should know how branding can help your business.

Key Points about Branding

  1. Clearly, delivers the message

Branding should bear a message that the consumers should receive. The message could be of a product or service. It could also be just general information about a company like its values, success and or how it engages in corporate social responsibilities.

  1. Confirms your credibility

Branding should also act as a confirmation to the market of the business credibility. It should answer the question, why should a specific business be trusted and not another one? It should show how the business is a trustworthy business and also the expertise level in service provision or its production.

  1. Emotionally connects market to product and or service.

It should appeal to the emotion of the market. People tend to respond to their emotions without even thinking. This is something branding seek to connect a service or a product with emotions of its consumers.

It’s agreed across the marketing world that it’s better to establish an emotional connection than to seek customer satisfaction. When you establish an emotional connection to customers, they will always buy a product or a service. As you brand your business, you need to know some of the emotional motivators that will positively influence or drive consumer behavior.

  1. Motivates the buyer to buy

Your branding message will be more successful if it motivates potential customers to try out your product or service. It should not entirely be informational but also a sales pitch. Sometimes the objective of a particular advertisement is not to draw sales, but it can be captured smartly in the advertisement message even as a closing remark or joke.

  1. Creates User Loyalty

As you brand, ask yourself if the message is one which creates loyalty. There are three ways to create user loyalty;

  1. a) Inspire consumers.

For example, Nike projected itself a producer of high-end high-performance sporting products. This appeal to emotionally to many sports men and women as they tie high-end high performance to winning.

  1. b) Consistent

You will gain consumer loyalty by being consistent. You consistently offer good services, run advertisement consistently and you keep communicating to your market.

  1. c) Company core values

You should always market core values of the business. This will make people believe more in the company and transform from believing to being loyal consumers.

Start branding your business. It may be the only thing your business has been waiting for to take over the market.


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